Students welcome

Are you a student interested in music, computer graphics, or HCI?

Lab photoLGM is always open to students looking for new challenges and a friendly environment. You'll be able to work on powerful PCs, experiment with virtual reality and augmented reality gear (Oculus Rift, Cardboard, Tango) and a wide range of natural input devices (Kinect, Leap Motion, 3D mouse).

If you see yourself in one of our projects or research areas and would like to join the lab, just send us an email!

Mentorship opportunities

If you are looking for a topic for your diploma or master's thesis, take a look at the topics offered under the supervision of members of the lab:

Our topics mostly cover the fields of music information retrieval, computer graphics and visualizations, human-computer interaction, and e-learning.

Where to find us at FRI

We're on the second floor in room R2.29. When you climb the main stairs, head right and then straight ahead across the first bridge. If the green light is on, knock on the door, enter and say hello!

Courses (outside Faculty of Computer Science and Information)

FRI Academy courses

Courses for FRI Academy taught by LGM:

Other courses