• Schmarnica: automatic elucidation

    Schmarnica: automatic elucidation

    We are currently working on automatic approaches for elucitation of organic compounds. Our web service SCHmarnica offers an automatic and…

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  • Troubadour platform for ear training

    Troubadour platform for ear training

    Troubadour is an online open-source web platform for ear training. The platform includes various exercises for ear training, where the…

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  • Segmentation of subcelular structures

    Segmentation of subcelular structures

    The goal of the project is to develop visualization and segmentation methods for subcellular structures. The project is a collaboration…

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  • Segmentation of field recordings

    Segmentation of field recordings

    We are exploring automatic segmentation and labeling of ethnomusicological field recordings. Field recordings are integral documents of folk music performances and typically…

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  • Volumetric visualisation

    Volumetric visualisation

    Volumetric data is nowadays available for many scientific and engineering fields, such as medicine, astronomy, geodesy, geology, meteorology etc. As…

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  • HCI research

    HCI research

    We are exploring how different input devices can be effectively used in 3D visualizations and have also developed new interactive…

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  • Compositional Hierarchical Model for MIR

    Compositional Hierarchical Model for MIR

    We developed a new hierarchical approach in a form of a compositional hierarchical model for music information retrieval. The CHM…

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  • Folk song segmentation and transcription

    Folk song segmentation and transcription

    Western folk music has in most cases simple structure, which usually consists of single repeated melodic part - stanza. As…

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  • Piano music transcription

    Piano music transcription

    Transcription of music could be defined as an act of listening to a piece of music and writing down music…

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  • Mood and music

    Mood and music

    The mood and music project connects researchers from the fields of music information retrieval (MIR), human-computer interaction (HCI), psychology and…

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  • Transcription of bell chiming recordings

    Transcription of bell chiming recordings

    We are exploring automatic transcription of bell chiming recordins. Bell chiming is a Slovenian folk music tradition involving performers playing tunes on…

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  • Melody-based retrieval in audio collections

    Melody-based retrieval in audio collecti

    Searching audio collections using high-level musical descriptors is a difficult problem, due to the lack of reliable methods for extracting…

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  • Audio melody extraction

    Audio melody extraction

    Extracting melody from audio recordings is a difficult and important research problem, because melody is one of the most important…

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