EthnoMuse UI

The goal of the EthnoMuse project is to build on the digital archive of the Ethnomusicological Institute of Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts and enable semantic integration of multimedia materials and development of multimedia applications. The long-term goal is to:

  • preserve original and digital materials;
  • optimize the process of collection and manipulation of multimedia materials (conversion from analog to digital and manipulation of digital materials);
  • semantic integration of arhive's contents;
  • multimedia presentation of the contents;
  • assist in e-learning and interdisciplinary research;
  • integrate the rich slovenian cultural heritage into a wider European context.

Applications developed

During the course of the project, we developed the EthnoMuse digital archive, which contains digitized materials gathered by the Institute of Ethnomusicology of the Scientfic Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts. The archive supports a large variety of materials, including folk song manuscripts, field recordings, images, videos and accompanying metadata on songs, performers, locations (including GIS data), recording equippment etc.

The underlying data model is based on a combination of the CIDOC-CRM and FRBR models, with two main applications built on top. A desktop application supports the underlying workflow at the Institute and allows for entering and modifying the digitized data into the archive, while a web interface may be used to for searching and exploratory browsing through the collection, including a query-by-melody interface.