About us

Laboratory for Computer Graphics and Multimedia is one of research labs at Faculty of Computer and Information Science, University of Ljubljana.

We perform R&D and teaching in the fields of multimedia technologies, human-computer interaction and computer graphics. We collaborate with partners in a number of national, EU and industrial projects and also have extensive experience in developing software solutions for desktop, mobile and cloud platforms.

Research topics include:

WaveformAudio processing and music information retrieval audio understanding, organisation of music archives
TeapotInteractive 3D visualisation and games
medical imaging, VR/AR, game based learning

Lab members

Featured projects

  • Interactive thematic dialect dictionary

    A thematic dialect dictionary with the emphasis on the interactivity, advanced user experience, and aesthetic...

  • EthnoMuse

    Enabling semantic integration of multimedia materials and development of multimedia applications. ...

  • CREA

    A network of summer academies for the improvement of entrepreneurship in innovative sectors....

  • Folk song segmentation and transcription

    Western folk music has in most cases simple structure, which usually consists of single repeated...

  • Thinking Folklore

    Addressing the question of dialect and supra-dialect of a folk song as a textological problem...

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