This is an example of Collision event visualizer for TrackML Kaggle challenge.
You can find out more information about TrackML Challenge on Kaggle page and on GitHub page.
The Visualizer allows a user to browse through individual events and its data. One can search by "hit id" or "track id". Users can upload their solution and compare it with ground truth data.
Users can change the properties of visualization from the righthand menus.
For more information on Collision event visualizer, you can contact Sebastien Strban or Ciril Bohak.

Laboratory for Computer Graphics and Multimedia,
Faculty of Computer and Information Science,
University of Ljubljana.

Simple submission test file can be found on url: here. Test file is compatible with event 000001000.

Events to add should be in the same form as described on Kaggle page and can be directly used. Events dataset should be a set of plain .csv files. Each event should have three associated files that contain particles, hits, and the ground truth association between them. The common prefix should be event followed by 9 digits and the suffix can be either particles, hits or truth.