micreate storytelling

  • Partner:Znanstveno-raziskovalno središče Koper (ZRS Koper)
  • Date:2018-2021
  • Info:H2020 EU project
  • Website:http://www.micreate.eu/

In the project Migrant Children and Communities in a Transforming Europe, we aim to stimulate the inclusion of diverse groups of migrant children by adopting a child-centered approach to their integration at the educational and policy level. Stemming from the need to revisit the integration policies on the one hand and consistent with the specific focus of the call, on the other hand, the research project aims at a comprehensive examination of contemporary integration processes of migrant children in order to empower them.

Our roles lies in the development of ICT tools for the support of project goals. One will include a walkthrough over various scenarios to reflect the genuine situations that selected characters often find themselves in. The second will include digital storytelling and will enable making written stories by children. Content of the stories will not be pre-defined; however, in the Integration Lab workshops with children and members of their families in schools, special effort will be made to stimulate intercultural education starting from reading migrant/minority literature for children and youth, where children will be stimulated to reflect on those works or continue with their experiences, opinions of life in another country, society and culture