Music for the young people since 1945


  • Partners: Faculty of Arts, Academy of Music, Faculty of Social Sciences, SRC SASA
  • Date: 2021-2024

In Music for the young people since 1945 and Jeunesses Musicales in Slovenia, we explore the following question: how were the youth-related musical practices functioning in the socialist era of Slovenia? The question indicates two main sets of contents: on one side, we have the institutional musical practices embodied in Glasbena   mladina (Jeunesses Musicales), on the other side, however, the DIY (do-it-yourself) practices as well as  the growing entertainment media.

The period enables to trace crucial cultural shifts   systematically through the layers of both structures (institutions) of youth-connected musical practices as well as  processes that have diversifying and changing the musical practices:  1)     Structures. On one side, the project team will systematize the  structures through which youth-related music circulated. The scholars will systematically gather data about the institutions, individuals, and the phenomena, such are musical works and events, in short: the aim is to list "the names" gathered under the   umbrella term “youth music”.  2)     Processes. On the other side, the contexts underlying those structures will   be addressed – the "the activities" or instruments that shaped and modified the ideas of youth-related music: ideologies, beliefs, perceptions, reactions, deeds.  The  forms and levers of reshaping these forms are seen as indicators through which youth-related music was experiencing constant change: first with a divide with regard to  other music practices (this was the main reason for Jeunesse Musicale) than with an ever-growing speed also fragmenting within itself. And the objective of the project is: to offer a  glossary of the forms of existence of the youth-related music as well as the processes that were fragmenting and changing it  since  1945. It may well help in understanding better our fragmented and fragmenting musical world.