• Effectiveness of e-learning scaffolds

    Effectiveness of e-learning scaffolds

    In the project Effectiveness of different types of scaffolds in self-regulated elearning, we investigate how cognitive, metacognitive and motivational scaffolds…

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  • Thinking Folklore

    Thinking Folklore

    In Thinking Folkore: Approaching Dialect from Folkoristic, Ethnological, and Computational Perspectives we address the question of dialect and supra-dialect of…

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  • AR and Drones in Archaeology

    AR and Drones in Archaeology

    In Augmented Reality and Drones in Archaeology: Smart Fruition and Geo-localized Multimedia Contents, we aim to provide a smart fruition…

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  • Volumetric Path Tracing Framework

    Volumetric Path Tracing Framework

    Volumetric Path Tracing Framework (VPT) is a free open-source visualization framework developed in WebGL 2.0. It allows loading raw volumetric…

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    In the project Migrant Children and Communities in a Transforming Europe, we aim to stimulate the inclusion of diverse groups…

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  • Interactive thematic dialect dictionary

    Interactive thematic dialect dictionary

    The electronic media offers completely different possibilities of making dictionaries comparing to a book form. Beside wider accessibility of the…

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  • Video player for the visually impaired

    Video player for the visually impaired

    In cooperation with an industrial partner, we developed a video player that enhances the video image, so that it is…

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  • Slovenian dialectal texts online

    Slovenian dialectal texts online

    We developed an interesting, interactive web application that shows Slovenian dialects on a map, displays their characteristics and analysis, and…

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  • High Energy Physics Event Visualisation (CERN collaboration)

    High Energy Physics Event Visualisation

    The goal of the project is to develop a web-based particle collider event visualizer displaying particle collider and detectors geometry,…

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  • Game Development

    Game Development

    We engage game development mostly from educational point of view. Each year students within the Computer Graphics and Game Technology course…

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  • SeFiRe


    SeFiRe is a tool for segmentation of field recordings and other audio recordings. It can label and segment an audio…

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    The project OBJEM: Reading Literacy and Development of Slovenian Language aims at raising the reading literacy level for better learning…

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    In the project NA-MA POTI - Natural Science and Mathematical Literacy: Promoting Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, we will follow…

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  • CREA


    CREA: Network of summer academies for the improvement of entrepreneurship in innovative sectors CREA is an European Network of Summer…

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  • Slovenia in Minecraft

    Slovenia in Minecraft

    As part of our LiDAR visualization project we have presented the use of discretized LiDAR data for photorealistic rendering of…

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  • Having Fun with Music Theory

    Having Fun with Music Theory

      We are aiming to develop a game-based approach to learning the concepts of music theory. As music theory has…

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  • Med3D


    Med3D is a free open-source web-based 3D medical data visualisation application with support for displaying 3D mesh models (in form…

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  • LIDAR Visualisation

    LIDAR Visualisation

    The goal of the project is to develop a web-based visualisation framework that visualises LIDAR terrain data as voxel-based (Minecraft-like)…

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  • Open Data Visualisations

    Open Data Visualisations

    We are developing visualisations of open data collections. The topics and data collections are  put forward by various Slovenian government institutions…

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  • Point Cloud Visualisation

    Point Cloud Visualisation

    A research collaboration with Optomechatronics and Multi-Scale Robotics Laboratory, School of Electronics Engineering, Kyungpook National University, The Republic of Korea.…

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  • Text Explorer

    Text Explorer

    The goal of the project is to develop a web-based visualization solution for text-corpora that will enable upload and creation…

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  • Virtual Trips

    Virtual Trips

    We have used virtual and augmented reality on different use cases. Most recent project is virtual Street View trip application, which…

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  • WebCamp Ljubljana

    WebCamp Ljubljana

    LGM is actively involved in supporting the organization of WebCamp, the largest community organized conference for web developers in Slovenia.…

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  • FRI Summer School

    FRI Summer School

    We’ve developed several workshops for elementary and high school students on how to develop simple Android mobile games and more…

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  • JCATS Visualization

    JCATS Visualization

    The goal of the project is to build a flexible real-time 3D visualisation platform for constructive battlefield simulation data. The…

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  • Clicker


    Clicker is a simpler web-based question answering system. In its core is a virtual room, where a lecturer their students…

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  • PerceiveConceive


    The project involves the development of a web-mobile solution, which will be appropriated for the learning process of the blind…

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  • eExperiments


    The goal of the project eExperiments is to build a web-based tool for creating experiments in primary and secondary schools…

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  • Electrified Folk Instruments

    Electrified Folk Instruments

    The goal of the project is to build electrified versions of folk instruments with simple off-the shelf electronic components like…

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  • Web Driven Car

    Web Driven Car

    The goal of the project is to develop a vehicle that could be remotely driven over internet. Off-the shelf remotely…

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  • EtnoFletno


    EtnoFletno is a mobile and web platform of Slovenian folk songs. The aim is to revive our connection with folk…

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  • Click to Homeland

    Click to Homeland

    The project's goal is to develop a web-based multimedia presentation of cultural heritage of Slovenian emigrants in different parts of…

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  • EthnoCatalogue


    The goals of the project are to develop music information retrieval algorithms for folk music. The work is based on…

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  • EthnoMuse


    The goal of the EthnoMuse project is to build on the digital archive of the Ethnomusicological Institute of Slovenian Academy of…

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  • Protected: Volume Conductor

    Protected: Volume Conductor

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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