The project involves the development of a web-mobile solution, which will be appropriated for the learning process of the blind and visually impaired, while remaining useful to the wider audience, for example pre-school children, elementary school students and people, who lost vision later in life.

The project is composed of two parts: The first is intended to familiarize a blind or visually impaired adolescent with standard and appropriated peripherals (keyboard and Braille line), teaching ten-finger typing to blind students, as well as Braille symbols. Likewise the solution is useful for adolescents learners without visual impairment, who wish to learn blind-typing.

The second part, which is directly useful as a teaching aid for all adolescents, is intended for vision, memory and precise movement exercises in the form of memory games, as well as others which involve sorting, pair identification, image understanding and description and object navigation, controlled with fingers or keys.

Developed in partnership with the Institute for Blind and Partially Sighted Children Ljubljana. The project received Structural Funds by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, Republic of Slovenia.

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